Murky federal plans, and odd bedfellows between law enforcement and counseling professionals, currently threaten to create ethical dilemmas for those in the helping professions—psychologists, counselors, imams and doctors—who may be called upon by the FBI in upcoming months to report on citizens in behalf of national security interests as theyContinue Reading

Virtual Reality  technology is going via early adoption stage. Vibe and Oculus engaged gamers and Hollywood to produce content. VR headsets are still bulky but do provide a “presence” experience. HTC owns Vive and Facebook bought Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars. By Michael Fayerman Managing Editor/ Intelligence Technology Expert,Continue Reading

Almost 15 years have passed since 9/11 and now the global Homeland Security (HLS), Counter-terrorism & Public Safety markets are going through major shifts. The EC just experienced two horrifying terror acts in Brussels and Paris. Our expert commentator and Managing Editor Intelligence Technology Michael Fayerman tell how “Big Data” AnalyticalContinue Reading

  The Arctic Journal Writes: After almost a decade following the United States Navy quietly closing its facilities at Keflavík, talk began to circulate in the autumn of 2015 about a return of US forces to the same base it had occupied since 1951 as a pivotal component of AmericanContinue Reading

Salah Abdelslam – believed to be one of the November 13, 2015 Paris attackers in which one hundred and thirty persons were killed, was apprehended in a police takedown yesterday in Molenbeek, a neighborhood in Brussels. Abdelslam, a twenty-six year old French national, born and raised in Molenbeek (Brussels) had been theContinue Reading