Narrative Warfare – Kindle/e-book version now available

Narrative Strategies (NS), a US based think/ do tank has recently released its latest publication on narrative and its critical role in influence as an e-book/Kindle version. In fact, it specifically addresses the topic of Narrative Warfare, a term coined by Dr. Ajit Maan, one of the co-authors. This recent release is in fact, an actual study guide, designed for introducing national security professionals to the basics of narrative warfare and in a manner designed for readers to apply directly to their work.

By Jan H. Kalvik, Editor-In-Chief
Defence and Intelligence Norway

The authors, Dr. Maan and Paul Cobaugh created this workbook/ study guide after realizing that the term narrative, though popular in national security circles was poorly understood. Their signature perspective regarding the type of warfare we now see from Russia, China, Iran etc.… is “we are not in an information war but in a war over the meaning of information”.

Paul Coboaug
Dr. Ajit Maan

It is important to note for the busy national security professionals who would most benefit from this book is that it is written for users and practitioners whether they are part of academia or not.

The book walks the reader through the basic elements of narrative and what makes it so effective. The topics are built around the copy-written formula, N=MICS©, or rather; narrative = meaning, identity, content and structure. Discussion of each of these elements will allow the reader to grasp the significance of each and how they become so powerful when applied together.

Near the end, the book addresses the intelligence requirements for properly developing a narrative strategy for your influence campaign. The type of collection, analysis and assessment required to support a narrative strategy vary from classically designed intelligence disciplines.

Finally, in light of the challenges now facing nations and their allies from influence-centric campaigns, wrapped around narratives, the time to adapt is now. Academically, narrative is deep and complex. This book though will present readers with working solutions that are based on sound, academic principles in a more expedient fashion.

Highly recommended for serious national and international security professionals.

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