UNEF 1 1966/1967 kontingent XX, XXI og XXII Norske FN-soldater hadde allerede vært til stede på Gaza i noen år da Arne Gerrit Halvorsen troppet opp til førstegangstjeneste i Flyvåpenet 6. april 1959. Senere, som ferdig utdannet politimann, rettet han en henvendelse til Hærens overkommando med forespørsel om tjeneste vedContinue Reading

ISIS is claiming credit for inspiring the latest terrorist attacks in Nice, France and on a train in southern Germany as well as a machete attack in Belgium. We don’t know what was in the attackers’ minds or whether ISIS’ claim is false bravado or true, but a video obtainedContinue Reading

Sunway TaihuLight  became the fastest supercomputer in the world. The previous champion came also from China. What used to be an arms race for supercomputing primacy among technological nations has turned into a major failure by USA By Michael Fayerman Managing Editor/ Intelligence Technology Expert The Sunway TaihuLight is indeedContinue Reading

Murky federal plans, and odd bedfellows between law enforcement and counseling professionals, currently threaten to create ethical dilemmas for those in the helping professions—psychologists, counselors, imams and doctors—who may be called upon by the FBI in upcoming months to report on citizens in behalf of national security interests as theyContinue Reading

Virtual Reality  technology is going via early adoption stage. Vibe and Oculus engaged gamers and Hollywood to produce content. VR headsets are still bulky but do provide a “presence” experience. HTC owns Vive and Facebook bought Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars. By Michael Fayerman Managing Editor/ Intelligence Technology Expert,Continue Reading