ICSVE: Keep your force up to speed!

Upcoming in ICSVE’s Police Responses to Terrorism and Violent Extremism multi-media training series are six modules delivered virtually in two-hour sessions starting Monday, March 4th continuing daily through Friday March 8th starting at 11 am EST ending at 1 pm EST.

ICSVE researchers have spent the last 20 years interviewing 800+ terrorists and domestic violent extremists and their family members and close associates, studying trajectories into and back out of terrorism and violent extremism, groups and recruitment strategies and ideologies, vulnerabilities and motivations for joining, patterns of disillusionment, disengagement and deradicalization, and effective rehabilitation and reintegration strategies.

– We have also surveyed a forum of involuntary celibates and studied Q-Anon conspiracy theories as they relate to violent extremism. Now we are taking all of that knowledge to bring to police and security forces across the United States a series of police trainings to equip and give practical advice to police facing these challenges, underlines Anne Speckhard, ICSVE.


March 4th – Monday: Understanding Ideologies and Groups: Focus on Domestic Groups
March 5th – Tuesday: Understanding Ideologies and Groups: Focus on International Groups
March 6th – Wednesday: How Extremists Enter Communities: Matching Vulnerabilities and Motivations with Extremism
March 7th – Thursday: What to Do About Extremism When It Takes Root & Creating a Whole-of-Society, Public Health Systems-Based Response
March 8th – Friday: Extremist Recruitment and Infiltration Practices in Law Enforcement

Sign up here now to reserve your daily online spot to complete the week long daily training and please share this invite with other police colleagues who may be interested to join. Certifications of participation will be awarded upon the week’s completion.

International police forces most welcome to join although this training will be US focused.

Learn more about ICSVE at www.ICSVE.org