Eirik Johan Kristoffersen appointed new Chief of Defence in Norway

Major General Eirik Johan Kristoffersen (51) was 12.05.2020 appointed General and new Chief of Defence (CHOD) in Norway by Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen and the Norwegian government. Kristoffersen assumes his new position in August. Kristoffersen, which is born in Bjerkvik close to Narvik – where one of the main battles during 2. World War took place, has a remarkable military record.

– Eirik Johan Kristoffersen has the right capacities for leading the Norwegian Armed Forces through the years to come. He has experience from international operations, he can refer to solid results as a leader and he is oriented towards future and change, says Frank Bakke-Jensen, Norwegian Minister of Defence.

Eirik Johan Kristoffersen is currently Chief of the Army. He has previously served as Chief of the Home Guard and Chief of the Armed Forces Special Command, and he has served in several international operations.

The current Chief of the Defence, admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, who will retire in August, has done a solid job during a challenging period of time with limited budgets. It is expected that the future budgets will be more appropriate in order to ensure Norway independence, peace, security and international obligations through, among others, NATO.

Eirik J. Kristoffersen appointed new Chief of Defence in Norway. (Photo by Torbjørn Kjosvold, Norwegian Armed Forces)