Webinar: Peering into the future – Economy, Society and World Politics after COVID-19

COVID-19 has claimed almost 4 million lives, infecting over 6.5 million individuals across the globe. The pandemic has disrupted economic structures, social relationships, the very nature of the State and inadvertently affected billions of lives across the globe in unsparingly evident or intangible ways.

– In this discussion convened by GPI, we posed the fundamental question: How far-reaching are the consequences of this global pandemic and can we peer into a future that is likely to bear no semblance with how it was construed up until 2020?

We joined the conversation with a leading futurist and a prominent international strategist to discuss the role that multiple international and local stakeholders will play in the future, what this future might look like, and what is the ideal lens that we should employ to look at it. We explored themes of human security, geopolitical balances, structural issues, economic determinism & relationships in a post COVID-19 future, reflecting on how our past priorities have been transformed given the nature of our present realities.


Professor Sohail Inayatullah

Inaugural UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies

Mr Jan Kalvik

Editor-In-Chief, Defence and Intelligence Norway

Ms Neha Dewan(Host & Moderator)

Fellow and Political Affairs Officer, Global Policy Insights

Mr Arpit Chaturvedi (Convenor)

CEO, Global Policy Insights

For more information: http://globalpolicyinsights.org/