Donald Trump keeps on shining in the republican limelight

Donald Trump keeps shining in in the Republican party limelight. He continues to lead the polls with remarkable 47 % rating by horrifying the Republican leadership. Although, if you still don’t believe  that Donald will become president  of the US, you are probably correct.

By Michael Fayerman
Managing Editor Intelligence technology

The right behind him is Ted Cruz a senator who is  also too conservative for general elections. However, most of my politicos friends did not believed me that he is going to get that far.  He is smart, “presidential” and  conservative  But what about Donald Trump?  After the left wing”took” over of the country by “progressives” in last eight years, the Republicans had to  use a more creative approach in tackling presidential elections.

Pick a guy, who has money  and let him go loose  by being politically incorrect yet by addressing the nation’s pressing issues  Who is better, than Donald Trump to serve in that role?  As businessman , Mr Trump knows very well that bad publicity is better that no publicity.  So he started his controversial  campaign with something very obvious but politically incorrect such an issue of illegal immigration.

His “think tank” provided a number of “white papers” that presented  well documented and empirical impact of illegal migration on the United States . For example, the analysis provided by Trump’s countered  what  most liberals claimed as a benefit that illegal migrants that work pay taxes, Trump negated that  theory by providing empirical data that each working illegal needs to be supported by 2 or 3 working citizens or legal immigrants.

Trump also claimed that, if our government can’t screen immigrants we should stop bring in people from countries that have a significant number of jihadists.  Don’t forget that the Donald hired a pretty strong groups of advisors, so Donald is using his style to deliver a set of  messages that were prepared by strong policy advisory team, yet his presentation is  “unpolished “ to capture attention.

The delivery of his messages could come across simplistic and potentially racist, but if it did not come his way , no one would remember these messages.  It is true that  US immigration policy lacks national security considerations. US is at the point where illegal migrant could live and get social benefits in many major cities that are providing so called “save heavens”. That includes New York City, San-Francisco and other large metropolitan centers.  The left wing state and local leadership with support of Obama are implying that the next step will be to allow illegal migrants to vote in local elections. This is a very dangerous and more important unconstitutional but at the local level it may fly and could be embraced by local city councils.

The next area that Trump tackled is war with ISIS. He bluntly stated that to diminish the power of ISIS US “has to follow the money” that finances ISIS and bomb oil refineries. Democrats responded that this approach was simplistic and unrealistic.  A big surprise came approximately several month after Trump stated his position. When Russian fighter jets started destroying  hundreds of oil transporting vehicles heading from ISIS controlled Syrian territory for Turkey, Trump’s position did not look that “simplistic”

The final “straw that broke the camel’s back” happened  after Obama agreed to take in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees using a flawed screening process. Trump made his most radical statesman so far by saying that no muslim should come to the US.  If a typical candidate made a statement about the  immigrant screening process, few would pay attention to that statement. But Trump’s outlandish statement about muslims in general, created an effect of exploding bomb. Anti-Trump sentients reached the peak among general population yet his Republican party support rating went even higher to record 47 percent

The bottom line, if Trump wins Republican nomination, the Democratic  party in a face of Hillary Clinton most likely win the general election. The key is going to be the Republican party conference.  It appears that the Republican leadership underestimated Donald Trump success with rank and file party members.

The most likely scenario, the Republican leadership will bolster position of more moderate  runner up in terms of Republican support and synthesize the Trump proposed policies to make them palatable to general electorate. However, its a gamble that hardly favors the Republican chances of winning the national elections. Hillary has a good chance of consolidating middle of the road Democrats, women, minorities and  Latinos.

Clinton’s issue regarding the usage of personal computer to transmit potentially top secret information is fading away. Unless, the additional “bomb shells” explode in Clinton campaign she will remain the strongest candidate in winning the national elections. One of the main objectives for Clinton to distance herself from Obama policies. So what about Mr Trump?

For one he made the Republican primaries  totally unpredictable as far as a gap between the Republican polls and position of the Republican leadership. Second, he negated political correctness from the policy lingo of mainstream political party.

Third, he facilitated  the usual lead of political establishment in favor of political outsider.  One thing for sure the next US presidential elections would be most unpredictables for political pundits and regular voters.

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