Great success for Cyberpol

The first Cyberpol International Cyber Security Summit, held in Bruxelles Belgium last week, turned out a great success. President Baretzky opened the conference and provided a strategic overview, from the political position, to the cyber security threats we are facing and the changing position on the security and protection of assets.  

Despite an early pre-lockdown of Brussels the morning of the event due to the previous Friday’s terror attacks in France, 81% of the attendees still managed to get to the event in time for the official announcement of Cyberpol arrival.

The 18th November 2015, a memorable day that followed, marked the official announcement of the International Cyber Policing Organization abbreviated Cuberpol (IVoG; IVZW; AISBL) an international organization recognized by Royal Decree, announced by the General Secretariat of ECIPS at a press conference held in the Arc at The Square, Brussels, Belgium.

The Cyberpol International Cyber Security Summit was attended by nearly 100 officials from 28 countries, 8 embassies and 28 corporations and private firms. Several high profile speakers from VERIZON, KPMG, ICSPA (International Cyber Security Protection Alliance), AWDC, SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) and many more presented updated presentations and demonstrated the present rapidly escalating cyber threats, whilst a future Cyber Caliphate is imminent that would indefinably effect our future way of life.

The President’s speech was followed by Mr. Raymond Kendall, the sixth Secretary General of Iinterpol Lyon, France, who highlighted the developments in the recent terror attacks, and that the timing of Cyberpol’s arrival could not be better, as it demonstrates an important need in the face of today’s global crises.

The first Cyberpol International Cyber Security Summit, hosted by the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS), brought together stakeholders from industry, operators, agencies and governments to collaborate on securing Europe.

The Summit provided a platform for the industry to collaborate and learn on policies, strategies, best practice and techniques that will enhance the future of Europe’s and each individual country’s security of cyber infrastructure and continuity planning to fight cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

The summit was sponsored by several international firms, stake holders and participants of the cyber world such as ABP systems, Verizon and Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe.

To visit the web site for information about the program and speakers, go to:

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