Exactly 17 months have passed since the leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared the establishment of an Islamic caliphate during a speech in Iraq, and it appears that, despite the world’s opposition, his words are coming true. By Yoni Ben Menachem, Jerusalem, Israel Edited by Arne Gerrit Halvorsen, Honningsvaag,Continue Reading

Many people in Russia and abroad think that mr. Putin is the most powerful person inside Russia! Abroad due to his action in Crimea and now in Syria, he is perceived that Russia under Putin is setting world agenda.(he is lucky to have Obama as US president). By Michael FayermanContinue Reading

Backdoors have been a sensitive issue in the last few years – and this controversial issue got even hotter after the terrorist attacks. Yet despite the attention focused on backdoors no one noticed that someone had quietly installed unauthorized backdoors three years ago on a core piece of networking equipment used to protectContinue Reading

Once upon a time, used to be that of the most fringe element in the political spectrum was in the left, trying to organize proletarian revolutions, destabilize governments, create so much disruption that people wanting stability put them in power, and, after a few good things, tyranny. Article by: Francisco LopezContinue Reading

The first Cyberpol International Cyber Security Summit, held in Bruxelles Belgium last week, turned out a great success. President Baretzky opened the conference and provided a strategic overview, from the political position, to the cyber security threats we are facing and the changing position on the security and protection ofContinue Reading

Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet (NSM), Politiet sikkerhetstjeneste (PST) og Politidirektoratet (POD) har gitt ut en ny, revidert veileder mot terrorhandlinger. «Terrorsikring: Veileder i sikkerhets- og beredskapstiltak mot tilsiktede uønskede handlinger» er et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom NSM, PST og POD som først kom ut i 2011. Den var et tema som skulle bli dagsaktuelt relativtContinue Reading