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No Coincidences in Terrorist Attacks

ISIS is claiming credit for inspiring the latest terrorist attacks in Nice, France and on a train in southern Germany as well as a machete attack in Belgium. We don’t know what was in the attackers’ minds or whether ISIS’… Continue Reading →

Report from the ground: Brussels Terrorist Attacks at Airport and European Parliament

Brussels attacks: – I was headed out to the Zaventum, Brussels airport this morning but was stopped by panic calls received from friends – some in tears – as I was about to take my taxi. Explosions at the airport – bombs. The Guardian is reporting ten… Continue Reading →

Grenseløs terror

PST har som oppgave å identifisere, forebygge og etterforske personer som er involvert i planlegging og gjennomføring av politisk motivert vold. De siste årene har det vært en negativ utvikling i trusselbildet. Flere terrorgrupper oppfordrer sine sympatisører til å utføre… Continue Reading →

Defence and Intelligence Norway

Defence and Intelligence Norway: We are the independent  and trusted source when it comes to news and information regarding: army, terror, anti-terror, security, intelligence, police, defence, politics, government, airforce, politics, navy, airforce, CIA, NATO, CIOR, border control, new weapons, propaganda, international relations, peacekeeping… Continue Reading →

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