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Why a multi-polar world could bring us on the verge of WW3

When one looks at the current state of international affairs, the modern world reminds of second half of 19th century that basically laid ground for both World Wars.The international political configuration was multi-polar. During that period of history, The Russian Empire… Continue Reading →

Trident Juncture: Norge samler krefter med NATO

Jagerflyene er klare, luftvernet er på plass og minefartøyene har lagt til kai. Trident Juncture starter i Sør-Europa i dag. Dermed er den største Nato-øvelsen på 15 år i gang, og Norge er med. – Vi har akkurat kommet frem…. Continue Reading →

Defence and Intelligence Norway

Defence and Intelligence Norway: We are the independent  and trusted source when it comes to news and information regarding: army, terror, anti-terror, security, intelligence, police, defence, politics, government, airforce, politics, navy, airforce, CIA, NATO, CIOR, border control, new weapons, propaganda, international relations, peacekeeping… Continue Reading →

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