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Power Shifters: Changing the Narrative on Violent Extremism

New interesting conference are targeting violent extremism. – Join us on 6 May for the first annual Narrative Strategies conference for talks and panels by our experts and experts in the narrative and defense fields. BY Ajit Maan, Ph.D., Vice-President… Continue Reading →

The Brussels Attack: What We Should Be Doing Differently

  As ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Brussels attacks, and we know that causing anti-Muslim and anti-refugee fear and loathing is part of the ISIS strategy to conquer by dividing, we should avoid falling in-line with their plan. We… Continue Reading →

Narrative: The Critical Component of Counter-Terrorism Strategy

  The shock and awe campaign being waged by ISIS is one we did not predict when we orchestrated our own variety of shock and awe over Bagdad. And while debate about the effectiveness of airstrikes against ISIS continues, those… Continue Reading →

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