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How Narrative Impacts Warfare

Part of the war games the U.S. and Norway are currently conducting ought to involve practice in the deployment of strategic narrative. In what may be the understatement of the decade, one Norwegian official said, “we have gradually seen more… Continue Reading →

Trump Intelligence: Sometimes really big lies are good – when seen to be lies!

The election of Donald Trump against all odds (20-1 at best, 200-1 at worst) could go down in history as the turning point in Western civilization. Bracketed on one end by Brexit and on the other by the looming collapse… Continue Reading →

Gunnar Sønstebys Pris 2017 tildelt Forsvarets veteraner

  Gunnar Sønstebys Pris 2017 ble fredag 13. januar tildelt Forsvarets veteraner. Erling Lorentzen delte ut prisen til 10 representanter for de over 100 000 som har tjenestegjort for Norge i internasjonale operasjoner. Gjennom sin tjeneste har landets veteraner lagt… Continue Reading →

Fra Tuzla til Zagreb

Mandag den 7. mars 1994 møtte jeg opp på Onsrud leir for tjeneste ved UNPROFOR Military Police Company. Her ble det gjennomført et forkurs for oss tre som skulle nedover. Vi hadde daværende kaptein Kristin Lund som instruktør og med… Continue Reading →

Lockheed Martin Receives $1.45 Billion Contract for PAC-3 Missiles

The United States and allied military forces will upgrade their missile defense capabilities under a new $1.45 billion contract for production and delivery of Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) and PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (PAC-3 MSE) interceptors. The… Continue Reading →

Bring Jobs to America – Trump is right on!

While traveling in Silicon Valley, I noticed the old Lockheed Martin sign. It stood next to Amazon, Microsoft, HP among other technology unicorns. By Managing Editor Intelligence Technology;  Michael Fayerman Lockheed makes a number of sophisticated military components for our military…. Continue Reading →

En politimann på vakt

UNEF 1 1966/1967 kontingent XX, XXI og XXII Norske FN-soldater hadde allerede vært til stede på Gaza i noen år da Arne Gerrit Halvorsen troppet opp til førstegangstjeneste i Flyvåpenet 6. april 1959. Senere, som ferdig utdannet politimann, rettet han… Continue Reading →

How the Master Narratives Are Impacting the Meta Narratives on Syria

The Saturday morning announcement that the US and Russia have agreed to join forces to pound ISIS in Syria starting Monday is evidence that the Assad regime’s strategic narrative is dominating the narrative space through which the international community views… Continue Reading →

Managing the Boundary Zone – a Swedish Perspective on Intelligence in the Balkan Wars [1]

    This article is written by; Dr Per Arne Persson, LtCol (Ret), prev. Swedish National Defence College Prof (em) James M Nyce, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA Jan-Inge Svensson, Col (Ret), Folke Bernadotte Academy, Stockholm Abstract New types… Continue Reading →

No Coincidences in Terrorist Attacks

ISIS is claiming credit for inspiring the latest terrorist attacks in Nice, France and on a train in southern Germany as well as a machete attack in Belgium. We don’t know what was in the attackers’ minds or whether ISIS’… Continue Reading →

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