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Qatar and the Terrorism Blame Game

Between January 19, 2018 and January 24, 2018, a delegation of researchers and academics from the U.S. think-tanks and non-profit organizations, which also included researchers from the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE), paid a visit to… Continue Reading →

Recruitment Narratives: Cutting Off the Legs Isn’t Enough

Recruitment Narratives: Cutting Off the Legs Isn’t Enough Rather than undermine our own ideals with attempts to control information, we should animate our values by enabling our adversaries, and the audience they influence, to see us as encouraging bravery of… Continue Reading →

ICSVE’s new Breaking the ISIS Brand video clip – Dreams of the Islamic State​

By Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. ICSVE is proud toannounce the release of our newest video in the Breaking the ISIS Brand–ISIS Cadres Counter-Narrative Project. “Dreams of the Islamic State” produced by ICSVE’s Zack Baddorf is based on Anne Speckhard’s and Ahmed Yayla’s interview in… Continue Reading →

Ensuring a long-term win against ISIS in Mosul

The Need for Rehabilitation & Reintegration Programs & Restoring Security and Justice By Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., Grace Wakim & Ardian Shajkovci Allah Akbar (meaning God is Greatest) is a colloquial expression commonly used by Muslims, especially in the Arab world,… Continue Reading →

The Truck as a “Just” Tool of Terror – What we can Learn from the Stockholm, Sweden Attack

It is a sunny Friday afternoon in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Thousands of people have come out of their winter hiding to enjoy the weekend’s bright sunny, spring weather. Many of them are walking down Queens Street, a 1.5… Continue Reading →

The Syrian Missile Attack –Theatrics & House Cleaning?

The outrage across America over the US missile attack against a Syrian air base is universal – only the Zionists and their increasingly desperate neo-conservative fellow travelers are happy. It is clearly understood by the US public at large that… Continue Reading →

Improving Our Predictive Capacities Against Terror Attacks by Individuals

Commentary following attacks like the one in London often contribute to public terror. The public has repeatedly been told that the actions of “Lone Wolves” are “impossible to prevent” while simultaneously being told to “keep the terrorist threat in perspective.”… Continue Reading →

Russia under threat?

Australian Foreign Policy White Paper Submission, February 2017 Submitted by Jeff Schubert to This is a personal submission and should in no way be interpreted as reflecting the views of any other person or any organization. By Jeff Schubert,… Continue Reading →

Trump – Putin could rescue the world – and win the Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump has promised to repair America´s infrastructure and to lower taxes. We all know this is undoable, and yet – it could be done. Trump has one way to raise the required funds, and create a safer world in… Continue Reading →

Intelligence & the Nobel Peace Prize

I took a special interest in the Nobel Peace Prize nomination process this year because for the first time as Editor-in-Chief of Defence and Intelligence Norway, I felt compelled to recommend someone. I am not an accredited nominator – my… Continue Reading →

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